Tuesday, 9/3 Home Assignment

Be Prepared for class tomorrow.

Read in the SS Textbook Chapter 1, Lesson 3, page 27 if you did not in class last week. If you are able to read Lesson 4 tonight that will help tomorrow's discussion.
Write in your journal, continue today's prompt from class on your best friend (qualities).
Read your Book Report novel for RAH.
Bring in your My Perspectives book if you have not done so yet.
Always be prepared with both notebooks, we do both  LA and SS every day.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Language Arts

RAHJournalGet a book for Monday Did you turn in your summer break essay? There is one no name and about 5 missing.
Social Studies
5-5-5 is due FridayColors, Words/Phrases and pics/drawings (see website for photo example)World Map due MondayTitleLegendColorCompass RoseLabel Continents, Major Bodies of Water

Wednesday, August 21

Finish 5-5-5 Cover
Get a reading book

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Language Arts

RAH / Read At HomeJournal1 PageSign Contract and get parents signature
Social Studies 5-5-5 NotebookYou have done the first 5 (colors) now onto 5 words/phrases and 5 pics/drawings of your favorite things. This is due Friday.
Lost your contract? Go to and look under LA 6 for a copy.

Monday, August 19, 2019

A quick explanation of the cover for the Social Studies Notebook.